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crack_no_jutsu community information
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So not to bombard the crack_no_jutsu community page, I have created this page that holds all the information regarding the rp community such as applications, characters available and taken plus any additional information I may need to update on.

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1) This community is strictly for information purposes only
2) No one really needs to join, links will be made from this community to the original crack_no_jutsu, this is merely to help organise the community and set out things more clearly to the members involved.
3) The information on this page is all connected to the Naruto Crack Role Play Community crack_no_jutsu and the information here applies to them only.

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If you are a passer-byer and find what you are seeing here of any interest, perhaps you would like to consider joining the role play community.

Our role play is mostly crack, sometimes the characters are a little OOC themselves, but that is what is needed for crack to work, our main example being, most characters in the community are gay, sleep around or just do the strangest things you could possibly imagine [Like our Sir Leader]

Interested? Check out the community profile: PROFILE

All the information about the time period, characters taken, applications and rules are all there

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Mod Info:
Name Responsibility
hoisian [Incharge of information]
the_loud_monk [Incharge of graphics]
dark_sahdow [Incharge of activities]
yoshimitsukurai[The right hand of God hoi]

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Mod Contacts:
Name Email

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cnj_cocacola [an OOC community for members of crack_no_jutsu]
crack_no_jutsu [the main role play community]

If anyone has and queries involving the role play community, feel free to contact either of us and we shall get back to you shortly.