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¤♥♥Hoi♥♥¤ [userpic]
Temp Chars
by ¤♥♥Hoi♥♥¤ (hoisian)
at July 23rd, 2006 (08:16 am)

If you are interested in role playing, but not keeping it up, apply for a temp character here, one you would not mind killing off and also this will give you a chance to test the waters ever you have been curious about rping and seeing what it is like.... Then after perhaps you would like to apply for more of a full time part in the community!

Rules About Temp Characters
[1] Do not advance your character to far, they are designed to be temporary so do not get too attatched as they will likely be killed off soon~
[2] You cannot have relationships with the other characters....
[3] You must give a basic outline of your character's history and personality so we know you will be aware of how to role play as them.
[4] No one under the age of 16 can apply.
[5] You must read the main rules of the community, they apply to temporary roleplayers also....

Your Name: Your LiveJournal/DA account names
Your Age: How old are you?
Character's Name: Make up a name for your temp character, nickname etc
Brief Character Profile: Just a short but thought out history of your characters life (50 words)
Character personality: 50 words on how your character will act

Please copy and paste