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¤♥♥Hoi♥♥¤ [userpic]
by ¤♥♥Hoi♥♥¤ (hoisian)
at July 2nd, 2006 (02:22 pm)

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(character//rper//character journal//character AIM)

Feel free to scroll down and take a look at who is already at dark_crack_coco. I have organised it so that you can also see the rpers, so there is no confusion when it comes to roleplaying with the fellow members, but those that are maked with a "~" are people that don't currently have a LiveJournal account.

[note to current members]
If you have changed any information in the following table, please contact one of the mods so that the alterations can be edited in. Thank you.

Namiashi Raidoangstyluvbucketraido_crackkingI guess im raido
Lock Ree (Emo Lee)Nat-Dohmalock_reeRee DarkLotus
Rock Lien (Feminine Lee)shifymoofbright_lotusKonohaSquirrel
Wulf Sensei (Gai)ConfusedKainwerewulf_senseiDrugCovered
Cho (Chouji)aikei_chanmybloodywingsTstostronePoison
Kyuubi~sacredfirefoxKyuubiNoSeika [new]
Sukedark_sahdowtensaisamaPervSaSu [new]
Shika~king_of_gamePlayingxToxWin [new]
Billy Bingo (Gaara)hoisianhitori_dakeGaaraAndTheSand
Dei-kun (Deidara)chaos_xenomorphbeautifulartHellFireAkatsuki
Kimmy (Kimmimaro)Penguin_Fireflydr1nk_milkKimmymaro [new]
Hisenko (Haku)chaos_xenomorphfrozen_abyssHisenko~

Special thanks to amoralambiguity for helping me out with the table, I couldn't have done it without you!