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Characters in crack_no_jutsu
by ¤♥♥Hoi♥♥¤ (hoisian)
at February 4th, 2006 (05:39 pm)

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Here are summaries made by rpers of the characters, please feel free to browse through, it will be updated every month. [if you are a current rper and wish to change any of the information you have included here, please notify one of the mods stating the changes needed and we shall edit it in]

Rock Lee lotusofmybulge
Lee is a hyperactive ex-konoha slut ninja that's now residing in sand village. He likes having his back massaged and is secretly extremely pervy. Believes in TWU RABU, but likes orgies. YAY ORGY'S. He's best friends with Kiba and is together with Gaara (now kazekage w/ pimping hat!) and has been together since... the beginning O_O Or longer than anyone else anyways! Expect babies soon.

Umino Irukatunasafedolphin
Not yet done

Inuzuka Kibadawg_man_i
Not yet done

Uzumaki Narutokitsun_naruto
Naruto is a friendly character who likes to be comfortable with everyone, he dont like to have enemies but he still enjoys having his own ways to annoy people, he is obsessed with his toy Elmo, loves Ramen and orange juice , he hates people getting Emo on him, probably will smack them on the head and walk away, he hates people trying to comfort him , makes him feel weak and pathetic, when it comes to girls he enjoys flirting with them, he loves and respect his brother Yondaime and will kill anyone who speaks wrong about him, he is going out with Gaara2 [ Billy Bingo ] he is growing slightly protective about him and a little to greedy and a jealous type ,He had a baby with Uchiha Itachi [ Maya ] when they use to go out, he use to seriously hate uchiha sasuke but now they are currently best friends and really close, he adores Tusunade a little too much ... he is not afraid of the people who try to hurt him, actually he enjoys bothering them the most, he's a sucker for an ear rubs, turns him into a limb noodle and probably do what ever he been told to do.

Nara Shikamarushogimaster
Not yet done

Maito Gaigreenspandexsex
Not yet done

Aburame Shinodonttellonme
Not yet done

Hagane Kotetsulilsteelkotetsu
Kotetsu and Izumo have been best friends since they were little. The past year or so, they had been getting to be more than friends. In October, Izumo had finally asked Kotetsu to be his boyfriend, of which he gladly accepted. He cared for Izumo, as Izumo is extremely accident prone. The main accident being when Izumo tried to hide the fact he ate all the brownies Kotetsu had made almost all in one sitting. So, he went and tried to make more, somehow blowing up the kitchen and injuring his eyes severely. It took almost an entire month for them to completely heal. Kotetsu took time off of work to care and look after Izumo. After Izumo recovered, he went on a mission christmas eve and was gone for over a week, leaving Kotetsu alone for the holidays. Once he'd returned, they both agreed to take a "break" from each other. They both moved out of the apartment and into seperate homes; Izumo in a tree house in the woods, and Kotetsu renting the extra room in the house Gaara and Haku shared in Konoha. Kotetsu has long been suffering from mild depression every now and then from being alone for too long. Even though Izumo and him agreed to be best friends before lovers, he still aches for what used to be. He's soon getting over it though. Anko and Kotetsu have a brother/sister type of relationship. Kotetsu looks to Anko Mitarashi as a little sister and as a good friend, though, they do not see each other that often.

Hyuuga Nejipalewhaletail
Neji is not the most intelligent individual despite what he thinks of himself, gods gift as far as he in concerned, has a secret crush on Lee but denies it as much as he denies that he has herps *shudders* thanks Gai... Interested in flying, tries to fly around the area he lives but never manages to because the crows around him keep attacking him, everyone likes to put Neji's idea's down because they are just stupid, but Neji is still determined to prove them wrong, at the moment he is unconcious in a bush somewhere from falling from a great hieght, but no one really cares or noticed yet. He has a strong dislike for Deidara and Sasori for being harsh, so ignores them and continues to do what he does, slightly scared of Gai after being punched in the face by him after misbehaving with his team mate.

Mitarashi Ankoan_chan_ko
Anko is a drunk, like always, and loves dango. She had a huge crush on Zetsu for a while and he had one on her too, but neither knew about it for the LONGEST time. Then he, like, left. But she was over it in about five seconds. Anko has a habit of making friends with the bad guys; she and Deidara are hyper friends, he calls her Koko-chan and she calls him Peep-chan. She's also EXTREMELY protective of her Kisame-danna, and tends to be greedy and babyish and childish around him to get his attention. Right now, she has crushes on both Iruka and Kakashi, is still weaseling her way out of work. She has some maternal instincts toward some of the younger characters, but isn't very good at showing it.

Hokage Yondaimeyodai_me
Not yet done

Kamizuki Izumoizzywhatsit
Not yet done

Hyuuga Hinataboldness_water
Hyuuga Hinata is still very shy, and is currently living with Uchiha Sasuke. She thought it was time to leave her father's house... Hinata is friends with everyone she meets, but sometimes wonders if she bothers everyone. She attempted suicide due to her father's... abuse but is now "living". She has a crush on Sasuke, but she knows that he will never love her back, so she lives in sadness, but hides it from everyone. She also has a kitten named River Tamm, Ino had bought for her a while ago, she finds happiness when mostly talking to Sasuke and everyone else -but mainly Sasuke- and also her main problem... is not eating... *whispers* she is border line anemic. *coughs* Anyway, she wishes to have more friends to talk to, and to get over her sadness...

Not yet done

Yamanaka Inoinosama_pwns_u
Ino is stuck still working in her fathers flowershop and still living at home(though she doesnt mind not having to pay rent). she's great friends with sasuke and Hinata, visting them all the time. she has a crush on sakura but the only people who know are sasuke and Tsunade. but just because she has a crush on her doesnt spot her from flirting and dating. she has a pet flacon named Rain that sasuke gave her. she really wants to get hinata a date and now has a new hobby of measuring bust sizes. so far shes got kurenai's and tsunade's. she also thinks that little deidara is adorable but if he ever touches her hair again he dies. or at least thats how SHE puts it.

Hatake Kakashiicha_icha_kashi
Not yet done

Uchiha Sasukedarkavengersasu
Not yet done

Gekkou Hayatelunarlit_hayate
Hayate, much like Raido, isn't from this universe. He'd come from the same one as Raido. He'd constantly beend suffering from medium depression after his fiance called the wedding off. He began drinking a lot, training very little and became very anti-social, only having one friend, Hatake Kakashi. Eventually, Nara Shikamaru had come to him, seeking swordsmanship training. He accepted, and began training Shikamaru. He'd then met Raido, and they soon started dating, though the hatred Raido had for Iruka, Kakashi's lover, had torn them apart when Hayate walked in on Kakashi driving a kunai into Raido's gut. After hearing the entire story from his best friend, he promptly dumped Raido. Then later realizing he'd acted too much on impulse, falling into a deep depression, he contracted a serious case of Pnemonia while taking a long walk in the puring rain. Then is when he met the young rain gennin named Mubi(Mibu). Mubi became obsessed with Hayate and became determined to win him over. Later on, after Hayate had somewhat befriended and became more fond of the rain gennin, he became torn between Raido and Mubi, ultimately choosing Mubi in the end.* Soon after attending a Christmas party Temari and Shikamaru were hosting, Mubi and Raido fought infront of Hayate. After that, Hayate never saw or got to speak with Mubi and tell him how much he cared for him. Soon after, Hayate was sucked into a world he'd never been to before and plucked from everything he'd ever known. He was only able to keep three things from the other world: Lilu, the kitten Shikamaru had given to him; the sword Kakashi had given to him for his birthday, and a build-a-bear that raido had custom made for him. Tsunade, after meeting with him, had given him one of the extra rooms in the office building to live in since he had nowhere to go. He met up with Raido, then lost all interest he once had and decided to move on with his life somehow, trying to forget about Raido completely. He soon met Kurenai Yuuhi and slowly became fond of her, going to Tsunade for advice, as it'd been a long time since he'd had a female friend to go to for help. Hayate and Kurenai have been through one lunch date and Hayate then asked her out for Valentine's Day. ((rp is still on hold x___x;)) Hayate has learned to live a fuller life than he once did, and leads a much happier life than before, still hoping to fulfill his dream of one day having a family.

*Mubi had gone to the "king" ((hayate still has no idea who the "king" is...but ooc knowledge says it's Neji's father)) and asked to be older, since hayate had constantly told Mubi he was too young to be persuing a relationship with him. Mubi, at the time, was 16, and Hayate had just turned 26((I think)). Mubi went and was granted one wish, which was to become older, so that he would be able to have a remote chance of being with the love of his life.

Namiashi Raidoraido_crackking
Not yet done

Tsuande is the Godaime,a.k.a the 5th Hokage. Normally, you can see her working away at her office-but if there is a distraction, she'll leap out of the moment she gets the chance. She likes her sake, her dango, and she likes to give out strange and sometimes kinky missions. She's usually a grumpy little thing, but she secretly likes cute things and for some reason thinks timid people are cute. She's currently dating Jiraiya, has a weird sibling relationship with Naruto, and considers Billy Bingo (Gaara2)the most huggable person ever.Strangely enough, anyone else who hugs her eithier leaves her eithier awkward or ready to huck the table at them. She currently lives in the Hokage building, and has given rooms to Hayate and Rin. If she isn't doing her duty as the Hokage by doing paperwork or visiting the hospital, she's likely to be found at a tea shop or a bar. She has the habit of reading dirty magazines when she's bored. Also, she likes to make weird drugs, and sometimes mixes them up-so whatever you do, never take a lust driver! She hopes that on day Sir Leader will be stuck in a tree so she can play 'pin the tail on the donkey' with senbons and blindfolded genin. If you pull the right finger, she turns into a 15 year old.

Morino Ibikiscarfaceibiki
Not yet done

Shiranu Genmasenbonplay
Not yet done

Tenten is a very caring and random ninja who happened to return to Konoha after being stuck in a pit of hamsters and her pants were eaten. She is currently on a classified mission and is set to return soon. She is also waiting to talk to Neji about getting her stuff moved in with him -because Neji and Tenten are never on at the same time-. She spends a lot of time with Sasuke and has a bit of a crush on him after they got fused together for a few hours during training. Sasuke also gave her two kittens, Kosetsu (a girl) and Spot (a boy whose name will be changed later). She highly respects Tsunade-sama and enjoys spending time with Haku and Hinata (which hasn't been much x_x; ), as well as hit Sasori with things, particularly the waffle iron. She misses her teammate Lee and has found herself a little disturbed to be around Gai-sensei without him because of it (no offense to Gai-sensei). Tenten also enjoys spending time with Naruto and hopes he isn't mad at her for disturbing his rest the other night ><;

Yuuhi Kurenairougeillusion
Not yet done

Not yet done

Sabaku No Gaaraakage_ai
Gaara has just recently become Kazekage, he and Lee moved over to Sunagakure a little time before he was accepted as Kazekage. Gaara has been dating Lee for a while now. He enjoys to eat chocolate fudge cake and is a bit of a work-a-holic, his best friend is Haku, they have been good friends for about as long as Gaara and Lee have been going out. He and Lee are engaged and are currently on a quest to announce their relationship to the elders of Sunagakure. Gaara had a pet albino chipmonk named Kouhaku, he would hiss all the time after Gaara accidently tossed him into the pond. Kouhaku later died after being cooked and eaten by Zabuza, so soon after Gaara got a ferret and named her Kai. Enjoys reading and probably seen as a little nerd, Sir Leaders nick name for him is actually 'emo sand nerd' because of his rude attitude from their first meeting, he is cracked out and probably on drugs, not...Most likely on drugs...Constantly pouncing on Lee and talking inanely with his boyfriend and bestfriend...

Sabaku no Temarisexykazebitch
Not yet done

Uchiha Itatchisoulraperuchiha
Itachi is a lazy ass that love banana milk and doesn't care about anyone ,He simply does what he feels like doing whatever he feels like doing , he's been with naruto for a while , then he moves between sasuke and suke ,

he has a lil kid called maya he fully trust Gaara with , he hates blond altough he adores naruto ,

Umm....has so random , anyone can rp with him about anything , a bit loony.

Sasori is a missing nin from Sunaga, and, for unknown reasons, hates his home village with a fiery passion. He used to work in the hospital there, and now hates hospitals and won't go in one for anything. However, he is still very good with medicine and such and is almost always willing to mix up a concotion (these usually smell and taste awful) to fix colds, and has stitched Sasuke and Deidara up several times. His best friend is Deidara, obviously, and he won't let anyone speak wrongly of Deidara. He also likes hanging out with Kiba. He and Sasuke (the old one) hated each other for a really long time and ended up having a bit of a fling while Sasuke was dating Deidara and Sasori was crushing on Suke. Suke and Sasori dated for about two months before Suke dropped into the hole in the sky and never came back. Sasori is now dating Sir Leader. Sasori also had a one-day relationship with Naruto that resulted in some bad blood between them, I guess. Sasori is a sucker for head-scratching, and will make you a small puppet doll if you ask nicely.

Not yet done

Akatsuki no Deidara: Deidara is a loud and somewhat annoyingly childish character. He lives by himself in the lighthouse on the beach making clay stuff and painting and terrorizing the known restaurants with his black hole of a stomach. Sasori adopted deidara as his kid and calls him marmee because Sasori wouldn't let him call him any other parental titles. He usually keeps to himself but still enjoys going out with friends, especially if the friend's willing to pay. During the terror of Cracksuke, Deidara was turned back and forth from a kid to an adult so many times he was exposed to crack powers and can now do it himself and also turn himself invisible for short amounts of time. When in his kid form, he doesn't remember anything that's happened to him as an adult and wont remember his friends unless he's met them in his kid form before. If Deidara's not doing what you want him to do, give his hair a tug, he will be rendered immovable.

Sir Leaderleaderakatsuki
Not yet done

Not yet done

Not yet done

Missing nins
After the bridge incident, Haku found himself laid up in the mist village's hospital in a very critical conditon. After recovering, he set out in search of Momochi Zabuza, in which case, he ended up in Konoha. Uchiha Sasuke offered to give him a temporary home. He met Sabaku no Gaara, the now current Kazekage, and befriended him.* Still determined to find Zabuza, and in the mean while, Sasuke came home drunk and beat up night after night. Haku, after taking care of Sasuke, slowly began to form a "crush" on him. Haku became weak from lack of sleep and little to no food and training too hard after about 4 days. He was informed that Zabuza had died, and became severely weakened. Gaara found Haku and immediately took him to the hospital. There he recovered from his weakened state and a broken heart. After he got out of the hospital, He then moved into a house with Gaara. He had run into Kimimaro in the hospital and they slowly became close. After, once again, getting his heart broken by another he'd began to care for, he accompanied Gaara and Naruto on a visit to Suna. Before he visited Suna, Zabuza revealed himself to Haku. Gaara and Haku returned to Konoha as Haku still tried recovering from Kimimaro. He began training harder, learning everything he could from anyone just about. He'd mastered his blood limit, gained the ability to use the Katon (as taught to him by Sasuke), and created a few more jutsus over time. From another visit to the hospital, Kimimaro appeared again, and apologized to Haku for what he'd said to him before, and tried to make up for it, only to disappear once again, leaving Haku even more shattered than before. He stopped training for about 3 weeks and did nothing but read to try and get his mind off of things. He resumed training and picked up Medical ninjutsu that Sakura had began to teach him, then left him all her training manuals. He then moved to Suna after Gaara had been appointed Kazekage,* On his journey to Suna, accompanied by Kotetsu, they were ambushed by a group of fairly strong bandit nins, leaving Haku in, yet again, critical condition. He recovered in the hospital, studying his medical ninjutsu manuals almost non-stop, only stopping to rest and eat (what else is he going to do in the hospital? XD) He is now healthy, living with Gaara in Sunagakure.

*Gaara and Haku, never having best friends in the past, have made promises to be friends forever. Gaara made Haku a Sapphire necklace, while Haku made Gaara a bracelet w/ a thick glass ball that was filled with water he had conjurred inside of it. Gaara had also purchased a puppy, named Momochi, after Haku's only family figure.

*Haku had made a pact with Gaara that if he were to become Kazekage, Haku would move to Sunagakure with him and become a Suna nin and work under Gaara.

Momochi (Also known as Momo, or Momo-chan) [Played by the Haku rper]

Haku's Alaskan Husky/Timber Wolf mix. He has been trained by Hatake Kakashi, in which he has become a nin dog. He has learned to talk, and currently looks after Haku, per request of Kimimaro. He has been well behaved since Haku and gaara picked him out of the litter pen at the pet shop.

Momochi Zabuzamists_doom
Not yet done

Other dimensions
Billy Bingo/hitori_dake
This is Gaara from another dimension, for those who know of the Narphim role play you may have met him before, that was where he spent most of his youth, but at the time skip he somehow landed here, he doesn't quite remember how he changed dimensions, only that it happened, and it was Naruto who picked him up off the streets and knocked some sense into him. He has a strong hatred towards a lot of people, mostly Lee after being hurt so much by him before (they used to date) but since he met Naruto his life seems to have changed for the better, though it gets depressing still he is happy with how things has turned out, after quitting to be a ninja, taking drugs and over drinking, Gaara is now reclaiming an education, stopped heavy drinking and is now looking forward to sharing a home with his boyfriend and Naruto's little family.