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¤♥♥Hoi♥♥¤ [userpic]
All you need to know
by ¤♥♥Hoi♥♥¤ (hoisian)
at February 3rd, 2006 (01:34 pm)

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This is Out Of Character, the only time this occurs is at the end of an rp or if you are talking to someone in OOC while rping at the same time. When this occures, make sure you are speaking inside brackets.


KitsunNaru: He rested his head against Gaara's shoulder as they walked back, a hand made its way up to touched the other boy's chest, holding onto his shirt...((OOC: Hey Hoi XD did you read the manga yet?))

This is In Character, when you are role playing you are IC, or if someone tells you "IC" then suddenly start role playing, it is because they are telling you to get into your character.

AOL Instant Messenger, it is a messenging program [like MSN Instant Messenger] that we use in role playing as well as using the journals, it provides a faster way to get our characters talking to one another.

Japanese words
Sometimes in role play, as this is based from a japanese manga, the characters will say a few things in their native tongue, here are a few words that you might encounter:

Arigatou Gozaimasu: "Thank you very much"
Demo: "But"
Ano: "Erm"
Nani desu ka?: "What is it?"
Nani?: "What?"
Ohayou: "Good morning"
Konnichiwa: "Good afternoon" or "Hello"
Konbanwa: "Good evening"
Oyasumi Nasai: "Good night" [said before bedtime]
Gomen Nasai: "I'm sorry"
O genki desu ka?: "are you alright?"
Hai: "Yes"
Iie: "No"
Suki desu: "I like"
Daisuki desu: "I really like"
Suki ja arimasen: "I don't like"
Daisuki ja arimasen: "I really don't like"
Aishiteru: "I love you" [only used for boyfriends/girlfriends]
Baka: "Idiot"
Sugoi: "Amazing"
Kuso: "Shit" or "Damn it" [type of curse]
Onee-san: "Older sister"
Imoto-san: "Yonger sister"
Onii-san: "Older brother"
Ototo-san: "Younger brother"
Oka-san: "Mother"
Oto-san: "Father"
Ojī-san: "Old man" or "Grandfather"
Obā-san: "Old woman" or "Grandmother"

To find out about Japanese cuisines, [CLICK HERE] includes pictures!

Japanese Titles
As the japanese culture is very polite, you may have noticed that when they are addressing someone, they include something after their name. They do this to show respect to that individual:

Sama: Up most respect, usually addressed to those with a high status or power.
San: Usually said to those you do not know, or aquaintances.
Kun: Used for male friends
Chan: Used for female friends [or put on males names to make it cute]
Sensei: Used for teachers, doctors, or those you can learn from
Sempai: Used for someone who is close to your age, that you respect and learn from.

These are Japanese words that hold a definition to what type of sexual relationship the story is about:

Yaoi: maleXmale
Yuri: femaleXfemale
Hentai: maleXfemale

The One In Control
Seme: Male/Female who is on top in a homosexual relationship
Uke: Male/Female who is on the bottom in a homosexual relationship
Seijōi: Male on top female underneath in a straight relationship
Kijōi: Female on top male underneath in a straight relationship

Alright, here is some internet slang for anyone who may not know any of this! Always helps, we all get confused sometimes.

BRB: "Be right back"
LOL: "Laugh out loud"
LMAO: "Laugh my ass off"
TYT: "Take your time"
STFU: "Shut the f*** up"
ROFL: "Roll on floor laughing"
ROFLMAO: "Roll on floor laughing my ass off"
BBS: "Be back soon"
BBL: "Be back later"
OMG: "Oh my God"
BS: "Bull s***"
WTF: "What the f***"
TTYL: "Talk to you later"

Links to help
For any newbee's to the community, here is a brief summary of characters/techniques/villages in the Naruto Manga:

If you [CLICK HERE] and scroll UP to content page in this link, you can look to specific characters you are not familular with.

How ever, here are some links that I have picked out that might narrow your search for a few main subjects , if you don't know much on it yet, you might be interested to take a look now.

For a list of the 'Naruto Ninja ranks' [CLICK HERE]

For a list of the 'Konoha chunin' [CLICK HERE]

For a list of the 'Konoha jounin' [CLICK HERE]

For a list of the 'lesser enemies in Naruto' [CLICK HERE]

For a list of the 'Naruto summons' [CLICK HERE]

For a list of the 'Akatsuki' [CLICK HERE]