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¤♥♥Hoi♥♥¤ [userpic]
RP extract for example purposes only
by ¤♥♥Hoi♥♥¤ (hoisian)
at January 9th, 2006 (07:17 am)

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AkatsukiFetish: *fangirls go psychotic over the sexyness that is Gaara and his non existant eyebrows* Haha! What now, biotch? *grins* *watches insanely as he does pop-a-wheelies*
GaaraAndTheSand: *forms a ball of sand and hops on inside, pushing away the screaming fan girls, starts charging after sir leader in it like a giant hamster ball* MAKE THEM STOP DX
AkatsukiFetish: 0__0 OMfg.. OH My freakin Buddha! *turns wheel chair* *turns the poor Wheelchair to... the.. ultimate... 8 SPEED!!!!* *buzzes down the sidewalk*
GaaraAndTheSand: *speeds up in his sand ball, catching up with sir leader, accidently looses his footing and starts spinning around inside as the ball continues on full speed after the wheel chair*
AkatsukiFetish: Okay, that's it!!! *turns and takes out a baseball bat while the wheelchair is still going* Bring on the big stuff!
GaaraAndTheSand: *runs over SL and smashes the wheel chair, leaving him with the stampeed of fan girls charging after him.....rolls over into the park*
AkatsukiFetish: *screams profanities* MY WHEELCHAIR!!!! *turns murderous* Come back her you damn comunist!!!! *chases after with sandy baseball bat*
GaaraAndTheSand: *Goes over and lands in the lake, the sand breaks up and Gaara stands on the water, falling all over the place as if in a drunken state, his head light headed from dizziness as he wandered over the lake trying to regain himself* @_o;;
AkatsukiFetish: *fangirls try to chase after him in the lake and all fall in, sinking like a rock as they scream out for Gaara* *growls* Damn you!! 8chases after and runs on water with giant baseball bat*
GaaraAndTheSand: *shakes his head and looks to sir leader with the giant base ball bath* o_o.......*gets the sand and forms a giant shukaku arm, holding the base ball bat from smacking him...Begins to arm wrestle with SL* >:/
AkatsukiFetish: OMG! *arm wrestles back* My great He-man strength can outdo your flabby fat racoon arm! *grins* Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha~! *starts winning* *seees a butterfly* 0__0 Omg... KILL! *tries to catch butterfly*
GaaraAndTheSand: *crushes the baseball bat with his giant fat shukaku arm, then takes the butterfly and runs off with it* DX NOOO! the butterflies must live!!!!!
AkatsukiFetish: 0___0 NOOOOOO~! *chases after* Butterflies must be EATEN!!
AkatsukiFetish: EAT IT! *tackles Gaara's legs*